The Lesser Houses

The Baronies (Listed by Noble House)

Van Delessen
  1. Collins of Violetmill
  2. McCall of Glassholt Downs
  3. Reitter of Redgrass
  4. Hollinger of Springwell
  5. Erran of Silverpond
  6. Dokket of Meadowbrook



  1. Taylor of Shoal Harbor
  2. Faustine of Rockwood
  3. Rhyas of Greenbriar
  4. Laughlin of Pine Deep
  5. Brugo of Witchpyre
  6. Yaril of Bailey’s Point
  1. Hellis of Summerbank
  2. Furan of Eastlight Point
  3. Rothlyn of Woodbrush
  4. Carlson of Estermarsh
  5. Sommer of Golden Hills
  6. Oren of Norris Crag
  7. Rho of Stonewall
  1. Resfelt of Durbinshire
  2. Myers of Exhalt Reach
  3. Rogers of Sourfield
  4. Meister of Firsthaven
  5. Iltstein of Greenlake
  6. Feinland of Brookshire

The Trade Houses

  • House Bywaters
  • House Mugwambe
  • House Minnit
  • House Festern

The Lesser Houses

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