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Fifty years ago, the Great Revolution of the People took place. Those unjustly oppressed by the tyrants claiming dominion over the land were overthrown, and a new order took its place. A new nobility was formed from the families who lead the rebellion, and, for fifty years, the new kingdom new peace and prosperity under the guidance of a wise and benevolent king. Now, however, the patriarchs of the revolution grow old, and the king’s health has begun to suffer. Soon, the ultimate test of the kingdom’s stability will come. Will the children of the Houses maintain the order their fathers fought for so strongly, or will they bring about civil war?

The World of Edelweiss

The continent of Edelweiss abounds in riches. It is filled with fertile farmland, rich mines, lush forests, bountiful rivers, and sparkling seas. Its cities are centers of knowledge, trade, and military might. For many, it is land of peace, hope, and prosperity. For others, though, the politics of its rulers do little to lighten their loads and they would sooner the nobles enter the fields than attend to courtly intrigues.


The Noble Houses

The Lesser Houses


Main Page

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