House Xenakis

“Honor Before All Else”

House Symbol – A White, Shining Star

Capitol – Whitehedge

Lands – The Great Plain

Bannermen: Taylor of Shoal Harbor, Faustine of Rockwood, Rhyas of Greenbriar, Laughlin of Pine Deep, Brugo of Witchpyre, Yaril of Bailey’s Point

Otto Xenakis has long been held as the true ideal of knighthood. Honorable, fearless, devout, and the very picture of integrity, he is one of the most honored and respected men in the kingdom. When he joined in Alric’s Rebellion, he brought with him a great many who saw him as a beacon of hope in a dark time. His house has inherited his reputation and his sons and daughters are viewed as being role models for what it means to be noble. The people, across the land, love them.

The early years of the House were spent like most others: in border disputes, resource disputes, trade disputes, and quelling what remained of the Xorian rebels. They had few conflicts with the other houses, and those who thought Otto’s nature would make him easily manipulated were sorely disappointed. Bordering only the royal lands and those of House Orlander, the vast majority of the House’s early disputes were over the southern mines along the Orlander border. As years passed and boundaries solidified, this scuffle became more about resentment than bloodshed, and years of peace were had. As Otto is getting on in years, his eldest son has been groomed to take his place. There are whispers abound that the heir doesn’t share his father’s ideals. Time will tell how the House will take on what are sure coming troubles.

The people of Xenakian lands are known for their obedience, their compassion, and their fierce loyalty to each other. Attacking one peasant is akin to attacking that peasant’s whole village and his lord. The nobles tend to take great care of their people and the people, in turn, are devoted to their lords. The only flaw in the reputation of the Xenakian people is that they are often perceived as both judgmental and haughty. They tend to dress in simple clothes, sticking to blacks and whites. Dress is very modest and the society, as a whole, is extremely conservative.

The Xenakian people are not, as a whole, very religious. While they pay the reverence required of them by royal laws, it is well-known that Otto Xenakis would rather have the Church subjugated or ignored than allow it to continue to dictate religious laws for the kingdom. Similarly, Otto Xenakis despises mages and magic of all varieties. Despite having a Gifted son, his overt disdain for the magical arts and their practitioners has not lessened. Most of the people of his lands share this sentiment as a result of their respect for their lord.

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House Xenakis

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