House Valar

“Go with Even Hand”

Lands – The Northern Hold

Capital – Alluria

Bannermen – Collins of Violetmill, McCall of Glassholt Downs, Reitter of Redgrass, Hollinger of Springwell, Erran of Silverpond, Dokket of Meadowbrook

Resources – Farmland, Mines

House Valar is the house of the king. It is noted for its even-handedness, fair judgment, and rational decisions. Or, at least, it patriarch, Content Not Found: alric, is. The patriarch has produced only one child, Prince Reddick, from his marriage with Stefan Orlander’s elder sister, Antonia Orlander. The prince seems to lack all of his father’s sense and calm; he is hot-headed, arrogant, and a fool. That the king’s progeny are so few is a matter of distress to the king’s advisers, the church, and the other noble houses. No one knows what might happen if the prince were to become unable to wear the crown and rule not only the kingdom, but also the Valar lands.

Alric’s rebellion was not started suddenly or rashly; it was the result of years of careful consideration and patient planning. Valar is not rash; every action he performs is measured and planned. While he is patient and willing to wait for results, he is not an opportunist like Miertt Van Delessen. He values loyalty, reason, and honor above all else.

Alric is a very religious man. It was by his decision that the Church was integrated so fully into the government of the kingdom (e.g. The pope crowned the king and bestowed his blessing and each archbishop sits on the royal council of advisers). That being said, Alric is a reasonable man, and he knows that the clergy are as prone to corruption as any ruler, so he has rebuked the Church’s many attempts to take more political power than it is allotted.

The crest of House Valar is a rose. Flakes of snow fall around it on a dark green field. Members of the house dress fairly. They are neither modest nor garish. They show their familial pride, but understand the value of humility.

The citizens Valar lands are a hard working and religious. They devoutly follow the tenets of the Church, and they regularly seek counsel with their clergy. They tend to be disgusted at the lack of strong faith shown by the people of other Houses’ lands.

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House Valar

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