House Niktarr

The old bankrupt lazy house.

“We are Blessed”

Lands: The Western Rise

Capital: Irrpane

Bannermen: Resfelt of Durbinshire, Myers of Exhalt Reach, Rogers of Sourfield, Meister of Firsthaven, Iltstein of Greenlake, Feinland of Brookshire

Resources: Gold Mines (expiring), Iron Mines (expiring)

House Niktarr is a house noted for its sloth, its misplaced pride, and its inability to plan. Though they will never tell you this, the older members of the house know its time has passed and have resigned that their children will not reap the same rewards from life as they have. The younger members of the house are oblivious to the state of the house’s finances, and they continue to live beyond their means and spend money as though they still had resources to harvest.

In the revolution, Edgar Niktarr was the first house to join Alric in his rebellion. Throughout the war and in the early aftermath, Niktarr was praised for his bravery and steadfast contributions to the rebels’ cause. The other houses, the Church, and even the royalty all showed respect for Edgar’s family and showered them with gifts and tribute. The family lived well on the profits from their abundant gold mines and old forests.

Edgar Niktarr was not the shrewdest of businessmen, however, and he soon exhausted his resources. The mines became empty and the forest cleared away. Not willing to admit his follies, he started many new prospects, desperately trying to strike it rich once again. He failed. Having no other option, he began to make deals with disreputable individuals-pirates, criminals, charlatans-in an attempt to avoid appearing to be impoverished. Edgar even betrayed his devout spiritual beliefs and made arrangements with several heretical cults, allowing them safe harbor in his lands in exchange for resources. The patriarch never revealed these deals to his family, his children, or the other nobles. By all accounts, his family was still well-off.

Two decades later, the only ones who still seem oblivious to their family’s misfortunes are the children of Niktarr themselves. Every other house is well aware of Edgar’s failures, and many nobles openly laugh at his disgrace. The elder members of his family are ashamedly absent from most events, and the children do not understand why they are mocked by their fellows.

The crest of House Niktarr is a lion wreathed in gold. It rests on a dark red field. Members of the house dress extravagantly, wearing large amounts of jewelry and fine cloth to show their supposed wealth. Many of their pieces are worn and in poor repair. While the elders know this is out of inability to purchase new finery, the younger members are led to believe this is out of tradition and that the old pieces are too much historical and familial value to not wear.

The lands of Niktarr were once the stronghold of the Church’s power, and the people remain to this day the most devout in the land. The Church has come under pressure in the last decade, however, as the growing number of cults and heretics have attacked or undermined its activities, causing great financial loss.

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House Niktarr

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